Subject: Italian TV
My husband adores Italian TV. He can't understand a word of it, but always wants a hotel with a TV because he finds it so entertaining. A few favorites:

TV Monte Carlo (not exactly Italian, but on in Italy) - the show where women from the audience get on the stage and strip - amazing

The game show where a stranger and a TV camera go into someone's home while they are gone and look for things (remember, we can't understand the language)

The game shows that involve two teams doing all kinds of crazy stunts like walking a narrow plank over something that looks and acts like honey, relay races of all sorts

The karioke show from Rome that takes place outside in front of a large piazza

There are many more, and they are all so much fun...

By the way, we also discovered that Slovenian TV has French porno movies on late on Friday nites, with sub titles. If you speak French, it's a great way to develop your Slovenian vocabulary... a little limited though.

Callie in New Orleans