Subject: Re: Eating Italian
Dear David,


> would your mother please describe her taste in cookies. please give us a
> clue.

The big problem is that she is being rather vague. I'm trying to help, because she is old and I love her, but I can't get a really good description out of her. But it is a cookie, and not a sliced confection, such as Panforte. She was told in bakeries in both Siena and San Gimignano that this cookie is a specialty of San Gimignano.

> favorite were the honey dipped and aged ones that seemed to be just a simple
> short bread recipe but dipped in honey and aged in a crock and finally
> dusted with powedered sugar and served.

That sounds amazing. Where did you have these cookies?

> and then the next favorite would be
> the le Bombas from Venice.

We have tasted Bombas in other Italian cities.... had some very delicious one in Verona. But my favorite confection in Venice was a sort of hazelnut brittle, that was almost completely hazelnuts, with just a bit of hard caramelized sugar holding them together. I dream of this stuff. Anyone else had it?

Hungrily, Debbie