Subject: Re: rome transport
Hi Flavio

I sometimes say limo or limousine when I really just mean car and driver .... I can't speak for David M. but when I'm looking for an airport Limo service, I really mean that I'm looking to be picked up at the airport by a reliable transportaion service, and it could be a car, or a van, or even a limousine, if it is reasonable. I think a lot of Americans are like me, and say Limo service when we want a car or van and driver.

You might be surprised to know that real limousines, even fancy ones with bars, tvs, etc. are very affordable here, and many teenagers get afew couples together and rent them for high school dances! I think more American teenagers use limousines than even rich people!! Also many Americans hire limousines for their weddings. They pick the bride up at home, drive her to church, then take the married couple to their reception.