Subject: Re: Panforte (was Eating Italian)
Dear Flavio, Well now I know it must be me.. Speaking of Christmas foods, do you like Lupini? I think that is how you spell it...these were always served at our house at Christmas, both dried and otherwise. I would have said fresh as opposed to dried, but that doesn't seem to be the right word. They were some sort of bean or legume, with a thick outer skin that was peeled or popped off, then a waxy and weird yellow bean underneath. Sort of shaped like fava beans but yellow. My mother would serve them in a bowl, sometimes tossed with a very little bit of oil and oregano. They were eaten as a sort of snack food. As a kid, I always said they tasted and looked like elephant's toenails. I have never tasted elephant's toenails, but these beans are weird.

I am going to bake the Ricciarelli in the recipe Peter sent . I will also send these recipes to the foreign recipe dated base, but only after I test them. ;-)

By the way, the Foreign Recipe Data base has some interesting recipes sent by Joan, but no one else. This could be a fabulous resource. I for one would love to see more recipes from Ziners' travels.

Regards, Debbie