Subject: Santander
when in santander go to the port area where the fishing boats come in. It is a couple of miles from downtown there is a series or restaurants that serve the best paella in spain It is cooked on huge outdoor paella pans over open fires. just to see them cook in such large quantities is worth the meal. I doubt whether you will find any better paella in Spain. Have a great trip dave mc hugh 9701

From: Hyde Park Computers Inc. Date: Mon Sep 4, 2000 6:55pm Subject: Italian sweets

As long as we are weighing in (no pun intended) with our favorite Italian sweets, I must stick up for the sublime gelati and sorbeti served by Paolo and his family at the gelateria of the same name in Verona. I understand that Paolo has finally retired and his family is carrying on the fine tradition, but I haven't been back myself to compare.

Jonathan Chimene Chicago