Subject: Paella in Santander -
I have to agree with Dave regarding the Puerto Pesquero recommendation. David, I believe you are staying at the Hotel Real. The Puerto Pesquero (not Puerto Chico, another part of Santander with nice bars, and the yatch club) is located at the entrance of Santander when coming from Bilbao. It is also quite near from the train and bus station, and everybody should be able to tell you how to find it. You will see a row of restaurants, with all the paellas and the sardines grills outside, as Dave said. We used to go to a restaurant called Los Peņucas (it belongs to the parents of Ivan de la Peņa, a former soccer player of the Barcelona, then Lazio and now back in Barcelona). It used to be good, and now itīs more or less OK. My mum and sister have eaten this summer in some restaurants that are in the back row, behind these ones, and they say that it was much better. Sorry I cannot tell you the name. Things not to be missed : paella, fish soup, grilled sardines, gambas (shrimps) al ajillo (in a garlic sauce, but it is not strong) and chipirones encebollados (little squids with onion and green pepper. Very, very yummy). And any catch of the day, simply grilled.

Regards from Covadonga in Bilbao