Subject: Re: Nat Parks Utah/Colo
For the new member in Pa. We have visited within the month the Parks in southen Utah. We loved the parks but it was very hot. We have been there other years and say May or Sept/Oct better. We also visited Grand Canyon in the winter and it was great, lodging avail and not many tourists. There are several other parks that are not publicized that are very beautiful and worth the time in Arizona , Colo. When you are ready to make your plans, write to me and I will give you more details along with some lodging ideas. I offered info for these places on my return but most of the interest running was for destinations outside U.S. Prices in all the places we stopped were escalated beyond the ads in the AAA lodging book as there were crowds everywhere and they charge what the traffic will allow. I would like to help when you are ready. We are about to take a first self guided to Europe in a few weeks and have had such help from this Zine, I am eager to contribute to someone in a way of thanks. E. in Texas