Subject: Re: SpanAir
Hi Natalie. I donīt know if it will be of any help to you, because I have only flown with Spanair inside Spain (Bilbao - Madrid, only). Spanair is kind of a daughter of SAS, so you can expect a similar level of service. I have been quite happy with my flights, but of course, itīs less than an hour. But during that hour they have managed to serve breakfast, while with Iberia you should be happy if you ask for a glass of water and get it. Last time I flew with them was in July. We didnīt have delays. I was flying back in the evening with Iberia, and we have 15 minutes delay, but I think that Barajas is the cause. I donīt really like that airport. Itīs like a black hole. Thanks God the best connection flights from Bilbao go via Heathrow, Brussels or Frankfurt. But... last Friday Spanair cancelled the early morning flight from Bilbao to Madrid because they only had 15 passengers. Also, they have had a semi strike during this summer, mostly affecting late flights. They werenīt on strike, but they were checking everything and getting delayed. It seems to be over. Friends of mine have flown with them to the States, and they say it was quite good.

Hope it helps you. Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao