Subject: Re: Honolulu vacation
Just a caution: if you are swimming/wading on Waikiki Beach, do not ignore the signs that say slippery rocks out in the water. These are not your normal slippery when wet rocks that you can carefully climb or sit on. These rocks are covered with some slimy stuff that literally makes it impossible to stand or sit on them. Even though I was being very cautious, I fell and broke my tailbone the first day.....this accident somewhat limited my enjoyment of my first trip to Hawaii. On the positive side, I would recommend getting out of Honolulu, at least for a day. Rent a car and take a leisurely drive around the east side of the island, returning to Honolulu on the Kamehameha Hwy. which goes across the middle of the island. The scenery is spectacular and there are all kinds of little discoveries along the way. (The Big Island, however, is the best, in my opinion.)