Subject: Spain to Tangiers
I've done the Spain (Algeciras) to Tangiers trip twice, 25 years apart! The first time took almost 2 hours; the 2nd only 45 minutes - no time to get sea-sick, even for my very sickness-prone husband. The first time we stayed 3 days at the Rif Hotel on the beach in Tangiers, which is now sadly delapidated. Last year (summer 1999) I herded 15 students on a day trip. We did the Casbah thing with lunch and a trip to the herbalist, then bused to Ceuta and did the Casbah thing again. If we had had some free time on our own (Not the thing to do with students!) It would have been better - no rug marts &caftans! As it was, a couple of the students &I went across the way for some much better buys!

The best part of the trip was the buss ride across country. My students could see that camels were really used as beasts of burden; men wore caftans (jalabas) and the curved slippers. They workers in the wheat (?) fields were using scythes to harvest.) All this in a day. Very educational!

While I'm typing away, (Prep period at school) my daughter and I will be in Rome November 20-26 as part of an Alumni Holiday Tours group. We only have breakfasts furnished, will be staying at the Excelsior Hotel, and all the day trips are optional. This will be my 3rd trip to Rome, her 2nd. What really got me was the excursion to Naples and Sorrento. Also, we have an all-day trip to Florence, which I liked much better than Rome. Any chance I can meet with any Ziners while there?

Judy Kniep