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Hi Ziners,

Our friend Jack will be happy that we've shared his newsgroup post with subscribers to the Zine. Jack's web site is one you'll want to bookmark for info about Paris and plenty more. Check it out.

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> The French Francilien (read citizen of Ile de France) adores using
> an own vocabulary, sort of eccentric slang different enough from
> official language to surprise uninitiated. Students of the quartier
> Latin never speak about the boulevard Saint-Michel, but about the
> Boul'Mich. The Maube is the just adjoining place Maubert. If you
> don't want to be pointed at as a tourist, never say Jardin du
> Luxembourg, better use Luco, like any authentic Parisian. Following
> the model of the Maube there is the Mouffe, alias rue Mouffetard. It
> is very old fashioned to have a promenade along the Champs Elysees,
> prefer doing it along the Champss' . Between Chatelet and Gare du
> l'Est we have the Topol or the Sebastoche if you prefer. I hope
> you recognized the boulevard Sebastopol. And when you live in
> Montparnasse, you are a Montparno.
> But isn't this a habit taken by the citizens of all world cities?

> Jack
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