Subject: Biking the Alps
Two notes on Pustertaal : The name Pustertaal actually pertain to T valleys, the higher part of the Drau AND the Rienza . Even if you go by bike you will have and hard way to recognize the pass since the top is very flat . Actually the trail begin at Toblach, about 10 km w of Innichen, where you started, altought in this part, between meadows, is very flat.
>From Toblach, that is on the very top of the valley, there are other two options: One is going to Cortina and further to S.Vito on cycle trail 208, it is on the railbed of a dismantled railway. (it could be an option for you to come home, getting train in Calalzo) I did and come back via Falsarego, [view on Marmolada] S.Cassiano and Bruneck. This is a picture of it: The other option is doing by cycle the entire West-Pustertaal and Isarco valley to Bolzano.

It is not as the former ones a cycle trail [there is one, but it climbs continuously on the left flank of the valley] but the Route is completely downgrade , so in 4 hour you can be down ... (you can get a train to come up again, from Bressanone start a bicycle lane the so called Ciclopista del sole that follow the Adige river until near Verona, althought doing in in one day is not easy, since from Bolzano is only a litlee gradient, so you have to pedal (no climbing , anyway) Two other images of Pustertaal: Riva falls, near CampoTures

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