Subject: San Antonio Restaurants
I wanted to recommend some places that aren't normally frequented by the tourists but the locals love them. Both are in the King William area which is close to walking distance from the Rivercenter area. One is called Alamo Street Theater Restaurant. It's at 1150 South Alamo Street and is in an old church building. They have a buffet in the basement. It's has a lunch buffet weekdays from 11:30-2:00 for $5.85 for all you can eat and they have such wonderful food. It's very much like home cooking and their have incredible desserts. The other one in King William is the Guenther House which is farther down Alamo St by Probant but right in the heart of King William. It's in the Flour Mill and the restaurant is in the house of the Guenther Family. Very good food there too. If you have a car and can get to Castroville off Hwy 90 is the Alsatian Restaurant in an old house and it also has buffet and you feel like you are in the Alcace region of France. Wonderful salads and meals. That's about $6.95 for lunch. We don't go out at night so I'm not sure of the dinner price there. There is a very good place called Pesos Restaurant off Southcross going south of downtown and they are always crowded on Sundays when we stop in after church.

Carol San Antonio