Subject: RE: Re: Shanghai-Yangtze cruise
Hi Dan,

I haven't cruised the Yangtze myself but have several friends and family who have. I have to say that I have not heard any huge enthusiasm from anyone who has returned but all have said that they are glad they did it! Seems like many of the boats miss some of the best views because they travel through them at night (something I would think you may be able to avoid since the trip is fairly lengthy and it sounds like you are going upstream - DO check this out with the tour co.). My son and his girlfriend travelled on a Chinese tourist boat from Chongqing to Wuhan and found it frustrating not to see very much - but a 'must do' all the same (albeit, perhaps on a different type of tour). His rather wordy webpage on their trip is at:

To be honest, Dan - if it weren't for your bargain - I would suggest many other other fascinating and beautiful parts of China before I'd suggest the length of the Yangste for such a short period of time but ... then again - it won't be that spectacular much longer. There's a wonderful National Geographic Channel program on the subject coming up soon - I got a sneak preview of it and it really did make me want to take the trip (even though it's still not on the top of my list).

Shanghai is a great city to visit - and four days is plenty. In fact you'll have time to get to Suzhou as well since you are so close. Can send you some more notes about that area if you decide to go (and Doug Burnett has a good travelogue at: . New China pages will be up on our site in a few days - have a look ... there might be more info. of interest there.

The temp in November could be nippy - sort of like a November day in Toronto (you'll remember that well, I'm sure) - but the air should be at its cleanest and, in my mind, it's probably the nicest temp. for touring China (sure beats mid-summer).

Hope I haven't discouraged you and your friends from coming to this part of the world (maybe we could have another HKG GTG while you are en route?) - I'd say whereever you go in China will be an adventure worth having!!!

Regards, Judy in Hong Kong