Subject: Memorable Anniversary Trip
I called Swiss Air and made ticket arrangements for a mystery trip to celebrate.Told the agent Switzerland was a surprise destination for my non-traveler husband and gave instructions for mailing direct to me.The next day my husband answered the telelphone and a Swiss Air agent telling him his tickets to Switzerland were in the mail. After a number of calls to the airline telling them how I felt they sent us over business class RT. We stayed in an apt. near Interlaken.There are two train stations here and the train stops briefly at one and then on to the other where we changed trains for our village.One day on returning my husband got off the train at Interlaken West,the first stop,and I was not fast enough to get out.He was without money but did have his rail pass.I got off at Interlaken Ost and watched several trains arrive without him.I was very alarmed,of course, and undecided about next action.It was hectic until he showed up on a train.Not a pleasant reunion..... I love Switzerland and have visited many times. Sorry to say he did not feel quite the same.......came home saying he wanted me to stop using the S......... word. Thanks,Natalie,for your story.Shirley