Subject: fall foliage and ballooning
Hi Elaine,

Here in Maine we have spectacular foliage but it is very crowded and all hotel rooms fill up very quickly, especially in Portland, for this time of year. Right around Columbus Day, it is impossible to find a room. Because we have a second home in Monmouth (central part of the state) we go there and appreciate the scenery. If anyone wants to come and join us, please feel free! (and we'll put you to work in the garden while you're there!)

As far as ballooning goes, we have a balloon festival in Auburn during the first week of August--no foliage but it takes place on the banks of the Androscoggin River and is extremely popular. Often the balloons go over our house and we join the people chasing the balloons to help load them in the trucks. This is by far the most popular fair of the summer and people come from all over the country to participate. If anyone is interested for next year, I can give you some more details.

As to your comment about lack of response, I might point out that readers often get behind in their email reading and writing, so you might get more replies within a week of your posting if you are patient.


Elizabeth Dube