Subject: Christmas in Spain
Hi Ira, I agree on several of your general concepts regarding Spain however I wish to clarify that Christmas, that is Navidad in Spain and all over the world is the same day, December 25 th., being the previous night Holly Night or Nochebuena in Spanish. I am not an expert in Spanish customs, surely Covadonga and other Spanish friends will correct me... but I believe that the grapes are eaten on the night of December 31 st., ... the Holiday on January 6th that you mentioned , is held to celebrate the arrival of the Reyes Magos : Kings Gaspar, Baltasar and Melchor ... may be your confusion arises because children get presents on the night of Jan.5 th

I always enjoy your postings and maybe in the future as the need arises you will care to enlight me in the Jewish Holidays, there I get a little confused too.. Graziella Miami Beach.