Subject: Re: Driving to Ronda
Natalie -

Hi -- We drove (in reverse) from Ronda to Seville - I remember it taking a long time, but I also remember it being a wonderful, interesting road (many people from Seville have second homes in these hills and the countryside is very baren, but very beautiful and interesting, with beautiful canyons and rocks... (I don't remember the road and a friend has my Michelin map of southern Spain) - but it's the road that goes north west from Ronda and then, I think it's the first right turn north... (I'll call my friend to get the map back) The road actually goes to the road that leads east to the wonderful town of Carmona and west to Seville. Let me know if you want me to try to get the actual road. (sorry this is so sketchy) When are you leaving??? Susie Newton, MA