Subject: Lost on vacation
Back in the '70s, when I used to travel with a small group of friends, using 3 to 5 cars, we got lost on two occasions. On the freeway from Dover to London, England, 2 of the 4 cars got lost and what's worst, one of the people in the lost car ( alas, my wife-to-be), had exchanged her place with another guy for the last leg of the trip, leaving all her belongings, money and passport in the other car. They stopped in a village, and were asked by an old lady ( THE english old lady) if anything was wrong.She took them to her home, offered them tea and cookies while she was calling the police to get assistance. We, the occupants of the other car, went to London, found a room for the night, and telephoned home ( my future brother in law was with us, his sister with the other group) WITHOUT mentioning what had happened,so their parents would not worry!The next morning, we went to the italian consulate to leave the name of our hotel and the name of our lost friends , then we went to the London branch of the italian bank were we had to go to get our money transfer ( very rigid rules for exporting money from Italy in that heyday,and of course no mobile phones!),we parked our car some 200 meters from the bank and the policeman who was there had a look at our car's license plate, then to his notebook,and told us they had been advised we had lost our friends.On that very moment one of the lost friends,who were waiting for us outside the bank, ran to us and ended our english odyssey. Very complicated, isn't it? Two years after, a similar episode occured in northern Spain, we happened to take different roads at a crossroads and some of us ended up in Oviedo,others in GijÚn.But the morning after we met at the right place, because from our british experience we had set a rule that since then I have adopted whenever I travel:

If we get lost, we will meet in front of the main door of the main post office in the town or city where we have planned to stop for the night, or the town or city where we are if no change of city is planned.

Have a good day,

Leonardo from Italy