Subject: For Joanne: Info on Morocco
Hi Joanne:

I read your info request and message exchange with Natalie about Morocco.

I lived in Morocco with my wife for a while some years ago, and I travelled through Spain a number of times. Spain, and that you might know already, poses no more problems for single women travelling than any other country in Europe.

Morocco is a completely different story, but one of the most beautiful and exotic countries I have ever been to. Cities like Fez, Marrakesh, and other places are enormously fascinating and right out of 1001 Nights. Having stated that here comes the down-side, and I am reporting facts and personal experience, and not my opinion:

My wife does not look Moroccan, but had occasional problems when she went shopping during the day-time, and she could not leave the house alone in the evening. Despite the beauty of the country in the end we were happy to leave, because the culture is very repressive towards women. The experience can be very upsetting for western people. Generally, women travelling alone (and in many places even to be seen alone) are consider free game by local males. If a woman seeks attention she can have it there in over-abundance. Sad, as it is, but I advise to take an organized tour with a group.

My best regards Joachim