Subject: Re: Sawtooth Travelogue
The pictures of the Sawtooth area are very inspiring. Would you mine sending me more information? What are the name of the trails you took and where did you get your maps and did you have a hiking guide book? I'm an avid day hiker who never tried backpacking but would like to try it in the future. You seemed to have good weather during your entire vacation. Should one take precautions against a sudden change in weather? I believe grizzlies are not found in the Sawtooth Mountains but I'm not sure. I guess cougars are in the area. Are they any threat to the hiker? Any wolves in the area? Sound like a great experience from your travelogue.

The pictures remind me of my short hike to Chephren Lake in Banff National Park. But not as much solitude on the trail since the lake is located near a campground. But I would not call the trail crowded either.