Subject: Re: Point to Point Rail Tickets Europe
I liked Madrid better than Barcelona and I booked through Globus, but let me tell you a story about travel insurance. I got sick in Barcelona because of the food, and dumb me, all I could think of was to get on a plane and go back home. I did not know I had to see a doctor in Spain or go to their hospital, and my tour guide never told me. I lost $2,000. for that escapade!!!! I recently had health problems which means my traveling is now limited to four or five days at the most. I am not young. I wanted to see the Rocky Mountains very badly, so I again booked with Globus, but this time it happened before I went, and Globus returned their end of the money as part of the cancellation insurance, but it took me 2-1/2 months to get the rest back from the actual travel insurance carrier. Be forewarned about being anxious to buy travel insurance. If you are young and in good health, your own insurance can cover the health end of it, but the cancellation end of it is a toughie. They are not so anxious to part with the money. The reasons as you well know must be valid. I wish I could have seen Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Jasper and the rest of my 12 days of a tour through the Rocky Mountains. I like dealing with a travel agent, because I always have to pick a tour. I am seventy and went to Japan last October by tour and had some wonderful people on the tour. If you are young, you can make your own choices. Good luck and have a wonderful time! Elaine