Subject: Driving to Ronda
We went from Ronda to Tarifa on a bus over the mountains. Yes it is very mountainous, full of switchbacks and hairpin turns. But beautiful - what I could see. Due to fear of heigths I couldn't watch very much. The roads are narrow and the bus took up most of the road. I don't know how the cars we met had any room. We left Ronda at 4pm and arrived in Tariffa long after dark. Don't remember the time. But of course we made several bus stops too. And I don't know how direct the bus route was.

Did you find information on the Tariffa ferry? When I was there in March the ferry wasn't running and was going to be down for a year they thought.

I'm going to be driving from Tarifa to Ronda, and was wondering about how to get there. Since we will be going from Nerja to Tarifa, we didn't want to backtrack to San Pedro de Alcantara to start going into the mountains. We thought we'd take the road that goes from Puente Mayorga, through Jimena de la Frontera, to Ronda. However, I read that this road is very mountainous.