Subject: Re: More Sawtooth information
Dear Ed--

We spent the entire time in Stanley, Idaho -- first at the B&B and then at the Ranch (all in travelogue) We just didn't see any reason to sightsee as everything we wanted to see and do was within 1/2 hr drive at the most.

The trails we hiked were -- the Boundry Creek Trail to Casino Lakes, Horton Peak Trail (to the cabin on the top - but we ate lunch below it -- looking out to the White Clouds) -- Alice Lake Trail from the Tin Cup Trailhead -- Sawtooth Lake (the trail first went to the beautiful Alpine Lake and then on to Sawtooth) -- Heart Lake Trail and 4th of July Lake to Blackman Peak. Most of these trails came from Lynn Stone's book -- Adventures in Idaho's Sawtooth Country -- 63 Trips for Hikers &Mountain Bikers -- which I got on's site. Some of the hikes I also read about on a some hiking site that I found on the Internet. (sorry, I didn't bookmark it)

We don't do backpacking - but hike a great deal!!! (especially in the Pyrenees - terrific hiking - reminded us of the Sawtooth!) On this trip, we generaly hiked about 7 - 14 miles a day. There are no grizz's in the Sawtooth, and we didn't see any cats either - We never heard of anyone or anything that would make people afraid of animals so I wouldn't worry. Our weather was really perfect. The fires were always at the back of our minds, though. We did see them in the distance - with only 1 day when we had a problem with the wind shifting and consequently a problem with smoke. We were told that July is the best month to hike as the wild flowers are at their peak --

<> Yes, always. We hike at all seasons and are always prepared for terrible weather -- We always bring extra water and extra food, too! These mts. go up over 10,000 - and one should always be ready for whatever - especially at altitude.

Maps can be found at all Ranger Stations (There is one in Stanley) and they have wonderful maps, so don't worry. The Rangers are very helpful and recommend trips if you're interested.

I would recommend this area to anyone who loves the outdoors, loves solitude and doesn't mind long hikes. As I said in my travelogue - these are not difficult hikes - just lengthy.

If you want more information, feel free to email me directly.

Susie Newton, MA