Subject: Re: Chicago
Hello from Chicago:

In answer the question, all of the sources previously recommended are great, and the only ones missing are Chicago Magazine and Key Magazine. Chicago Magazine can be purchased at any bookstore or Magazine stand, and Key Magazine is usually given out free at the hotels.

My personal choice is the Reader, which has an on-line version already referenced, and is given out free in many bookstores, White-Hen Pantry stores, etc. As far as music, movies and theatre goes, it gives the most comprehensive information. For restaurants, Chicago Magazine is usually very accurate on most of the upscale stuff that you read about in books, and occaisionally even discovers something new. The Reader has much less stuff on food, but what they have is usually good. If you have any particular interests for dining, I can try and help out with a suggestion (as can the other Chicago Ziners, especially Joel who has suggested some great places to me). I have lived in the city (northside) for 18 years, and I am lucky to be very good friends with a fellow who has a well known cable tv show about the various restaurants in the city. He takes me all over and I help him check out new places.

Best of luck to you, and enjoy your weekend in this great city.