Subject: Re: Layover in Paris
Hi Laura,

I think it depends on the time of day that your layover occurs. The train (RER) service from Charles De Gaulle is quite efficient and can get you into the Gare du Nord in about 30-40 minutes so count on 90 minutes for airport-Paris-airport travel which will leave you 2-3 hours in the city. There are several option, including hoping on one of the city tour buses that let you hop on and off at various locales. I don't know if these come with a one day fare however, I seem to recall that the fare was for 3 days. If you want to stay in one area, I would recommend the Ille de la Cite; see Notre Dame, Saint Chappelle and then stroll onto and wander about Ille St Louis. Have a bite to eat at one of the riverside cafes by Notre Dame, or on Ille St Louis; take a breather and enjoy the Parisien ambience before headin back to the airport.

Actually my first idea was to get to the Latin quarter, go to a boulangerie, deli, get the makings for a picnic and go sit out in back of Notre Dame, or to the Luxembourg Gardens....but in January...probably not!

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario