Subject: Re: Re: the French language
I forgot to mention Montemarte and the beautiful Sacre Coeur Church with the art colony right behind it. You can take an escalator up to the top of Montmarte, and walk down through the interesting streets. You get a beautiful view of Paris from the top. Believe it or not, the metro is a great way to get around. The second time I found it easier to use the metro system. Funny story..........there is a beautiful restaurant directly across the bridge from Notre Dame. In fact, if you get a window seat at this restaurant, you can see Notre Dame clearly. That particular day they had the waiter races where they carry trays with wine and food and see who gets to the finish line first. The restaurant was extremely fancy and pricey. I asked for a dry wine, and they brought me a tome. I felt dumb, as I did not know where to start. I just said I will let you choose a good dry red wine. There were pictures of celebrities downstairs such as Sean Connery that had eaten there, and while it cost me $100. American dollars for the meal, it certainly was memorable. Elaine