Subject: Re: Paris GTG restaurant suggestions?
Dear Don and Linda and all the other lucky folks who will be in Paris in November!

Never having been to a GTG (yet!), I'm not sure the kind of place you are looking for but...on my trip to Paris last May we found what we thought was a great restaurant bordering the 5th/6th district. It's called Boullion la Racine (or something quite similar) and is located just off the Boulevard St. Michel and Rue Racine.

It's a lovely art deco place - quite lively - and food and atmosphere were just wonderful. A very nice dinner for two, with a bottle of wine, ran us about $80.00US (the dollar was quite high at that time, though). We were there midweek - the place was crowded with locals - (or what seemed to be locals!), so we thought that was a good sign!

Don't know if this fits your requirements, but we liked it and would go back.

regards, vanessa craigo