Subject: RE: Switzerland Update Needed
Hi John,

We were in Lugano two years ago and really loved it... we took the train from Zurich to Lugano and it was a breathtakingly beautiful trip. Chalets tucked in the mountains, water streaming down the sides of melting snow from the mountain tops.

Here's a report of our trip to Lugano from Zurich

Chris in suburban Houston

Monday morning we took the train to Lugano. If you have an opportunity to do it, DO IT!!! The ride took us through the mountains . . . we saw snow on top of the mountains and little streams of water from the melting snow . . . crystal clear rapids of water. Again more chalets nestled in the mountains. Far too beautiful to begin describe. As we neared Lugano the scenery and the architecture began to change from typical Swiss to Italian. Getting off the train in Lugano everyone was speaking Italian. The weather had already changed dramatically too. From the nice seventies, to similar to hot, humid Houston.

We checked into our hotel in Lugano, the Hotel DelaPaix. We had a lovely view of Lake Lugano and mountains. Italy was only about five miles from here. Went strolling on the streets again, looked at the grocery stores, wine shops, etc.

Dinner that night was at the hotel. We both had the cream of tomato soup (again), but it was far superior to the cream of tomato soup in Zurich. Following the soup, we had a three-cheese pizza with Gorgonzola. Very good meal and accompanied with a lovely bottle of Chianti. We then went back to our room and enjoyed the beautiful view of Lugano with more wine.