Subject: Re: Egypt tours?
Hi Ann and Judy. It does have a web site (but I have to look for it). When we were researching this summer holidays, my travel agent gave me their address in case we were interested. When we switched to two weeks, we thought that it would be a pity not to be able to do one of their long tours, so we got back to look in the spanish tour operators. Now and then we think that we should have selected those others. They have lots of info in their web site, and plenty of tours that look quite good, if you don#t mind not being in a 5 star hotel. I found also an english tour operator that looked quite interesting. They sent me last week their brochures for India and study holidays, and they sounded great. The only problem is that I have forgotten their name (it was two surnames, and their origin is India, I know for sure), but I promise to look for it.

Rgds from Bilbao. Covadonga