Subject: Recharging Digicam batteries in Italy
Terry asked about charging lithium-ion batteries in Europe and about downloading pictures from flash memory.

I think I can probably answer the first question. Your charger probably will operate on both European (220V) and US (120V) if you have the proper adapter (the little device that fits over its plug. When I go to Europe, I take along chargers for my camcorder and digital camera and both operate on the wall current in my hotel. Alternatively, you can use a power cord with plug suitable to the country (ies) you are visiting, but the plug adaptors are only about $5.00 each. These readily are available in travel shops. Your instruction manual probably has something to say about whether the charger is dual voltage, and your camera store can probably also help. I think these are now universal since it does not cost the camera manufacturer much more to make multi-voltage adaptors than single voltage ones. I never have needed a transformer.

As for the second, I can only guess that the increasingly ubiquitous cybercafe might have what is needed to upload your pictures. You can probably find the name of one in the city you are visiting through a Web search. There are also web services like iDrive that will let you have the storage space you need (go to and look under net services/utilities). However, I have to be a bit more hesitant here. I use a Sony digicam which allows me to store my pictures on floppies. I used computer time though not at what was truly a cybercafe in Florence to check my email (and, of course, read the Travelzine). The cost was quite reasonable.

Ira H. Bernstein, Ph. D.