Subject: Switzerland Update Needed
Luzern is breathtaking. I took both a tram ride to the top of Mt. Pilatus and back and a boat ride across. The city is gorgeous, and naturally, I had to buy a Bucherer watch for my son. This was four years ago, and it still works beautifully. I also purchased a Swiss Army Knife with a watch in the center of it, and it too works beautifully. The knife was not expensive and was able to get a couple for gifts. I did not see Zurich, but I was on a tour which took me into Austria, Amsterdam, and parts of Germany. I will never forget Switzerland. We also went into Lichtenstein which is part of the alps, and I never saw such a quaint town with the alps surrounding it. I also traveled the Rhine, and found out that the women pick the grapes, as they have a more sensitive touch than the men, and they pick the finest grapes for the wines. Switzerland is one place I would love to go back to, but can't..........getting too old alas!!!! Elaine