Subject: Recharging Digicam batteries in Italy
Hi Terry,

Sorry about the length of time responding, but I have been away for a short time and I am now only catching up on my e-mails.

>What precautions do I need to take when charging my batteries?

I am positive that your digital camera will have dual voltage, so it will not be necessary to carry a transformer.

> can anyone recommend some sort of computer shop, store, service
> or internet cafe that will let me upload my images to a Web
> Storage Service that I will set up before I leave the U.S.A.?

Although I do not use one myself, as most of my photographs are taken on a 35mm SLR camera, one of my friends uses a 'digital wallet' to download from his digicam. It is a portable 6gig storage device that will allow you to download your memory cards in the field and to keep on shooting. He only used a digital camera and swears by the 'digital wallet'. I hope this helps.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield.(New Zealand)