Subject: travel and age limitations
Hi Elaine I was so glad to see your reply to the old is a state of mind thing! I started to write about this subject, but trashed my post. Now I feel more courageous. There was also a recent post that mentioned that some people demand a level of comfort. Perhaps I am touchy, but I bristled at both the above statements. Let's face it, folks. Physical limitations exist. I don't demand my own bathroom, but as a person with auto-immune disease and a deteriorating bladder, it is almost impossible for me to travel without a private, en suite bathroom. Some people wear appliances, have cancer or heart problems, etc.

This doesn't mean that we are cranky, or demanding, or even luxury loving decadent fools. It doesn't mean that I am feeling sorry for myself, either. I do what I can when I can, and try not to regret what I can not do. I was planning to walk the Portofino promontory trail next year, but it ain't lookin' good for that. I am still going to go to Italy (if God wills it so) and have a good time with my limited mobility. But I'm kind of worried about NY in October, because my brother lives on the 4th floor of a building with no elevator. Can I make it up and down more than once a day?

Anyway, the last thing I want to say about this is that it is so hard to not be arrogant when we are healthy. We think that everyone can do it just the way we can, and they are wrong if they don't. I am learning many lessons about this, and I hope others can learn without having to face their own mortality or failing bodies. If someone can't camp, hostel, or travel to far off destinations, they may have very valid physical reasons.

Just needed to say that, Debbie in Pittsburgh