Subject: Senior travelers
Elaine,I am older and getting wiser I think about travel,too. But,I would never hesitate to go to Switzerland as long as health allowed me to walk. A Swiss rail pass takes you everywhere you want to go. Nothing nicer than a day on the train with stops in a sweet,little village. I have never taken a tour there but spent many vacations in and around Kandersteg in a rental apt. using a Swiss Pass. Also,I find that at my age(older than you)I can still do the Grandmother's Walk above Wengen. I still get a real thrill every time I am able to repeat an earlier walk. Love the country for a limited time. My own home is so comfortable on a beautiful lake and seems to get more so as I age. I think motivation and younger,healthy friends most important. Right now I am planning my first cruise on a real cruise ship. I did the Norway steamer trip up and back last year.This trip is on the Crown Odyssey owned by the Orient Line. Trip from Barcelona to Athens. If anyone has tips for a non-cruiser please let me hear. Also,Athens information welcome. Plan to stay about 5 days there on my own. Keep on keeping on....Shirley