Subject: Senior travelers
I am in awe of your energies, Shirley. Health does play an important part. There is a fantastic trip that maybe you can make which I had to cancel due to the development of having to take a colonoscopy which turned out to be two benign polyps. They were removed, I am now in the process of following up on this condition. I would have loved to have seen the Rocky Mountains and this tour is sponsored by Globus (also rail) if you wish or a regular tour. It takes you to Vancouver, Victoria, Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise. I would have given anything to have been able to take this trip, but almost at the last minute I had to cancel. I don't know where you live Shirley, but I had a wonderful gal of seventy-one on my trip to Japan. She and I became good friends, and we correspond often.

I was through the Fjords in Norway which was in 1976, and I still remember how wonderful that two-day cruise was. I had my son who was fifteen at the time with me, and he still remembers it vividly. I envy your trip to Switzerland, and I am so happy you are still able to move around so nicely. You sound like you live in a beautiful area. My best, Elaine