Subject: Athens
Hi Shirley,

First, to get in the mood, click on this:

That's the answer to your day trips question - except for the price. We don't have current info. Your hotel will have brochures if you are not able to get the info before you go.

Years ago, we went to Sounion - on a regular bus! It's a lovely drive along the coast; the setting with the ancient ruins is spectacular.

Friends have gone to Aegina and loved it! (The best pistachio nuts in Greece are grown there.)

> June 22-28.Thinking of the Attalos Hotel just mentioned in ITN magazine as good value and location at $47. a night with breakfast.

We're not familiar with the hotel but we did find the web site at It is a C class hotel. Expect to get what you pay for; $47 a night is extremely cheap.

We'll try to answer any questions you have after reading our two Greece travelogues. We've tried to include as much info as possible.

Regards, Don and Linda