Subject: Just joined the group
Hi Everyone, Just a note to let you know that as new members we are looking forward to sharing precious travel info with the travelzine gang. Peter and I are in our early forties. I recently moved to Toronto from Montreal to join him and we are planning to travel as much as time will allow. Peter lived in Hong Kong for 4 years and in our 3 years together we've been to France, Cuba, St. Lucia, and have now just arrived from a two week trip to Greece were we spent 3 days in Corfu, 3 days in Athens and a week visiting the islands. We loved Don and Linda's site and sent them this note upon our return:

We just got back from 2 weeks in Greece last night and had to drop you a note to tell you that we were guided by two things when we were in Athens...your notes and our map. Your recommendations were excellent! The pies on Voulios Street were truly mouth watering. Diner at Delfi's was delicious and homemade tasting and we were dissappointed to get to your favourite chocolate store 5 minutes after it closed on Saturday. Our mouths were watering for those delectable treats you mentioned. Sounds like you love food as much as we do. We felt like we were following recommendations from good friends and you never led us astray. We saw your favourite hotel and basically followed your walk through the city. Thanks for the guidance. We'll be consulting your site for our next trip. Peter and I live in Bloor West Village and hope to meet you one day.

They suggested that we join the group and post the note so here we are!

Nicole &Peter