Subject: Re: Getting to know you...
Hello all,

I joined the Travel Zine a year or so ago and a while back Linda asked if I wanted to assist the group moderating the Zine. She is very persuasive so I now help out where I can.

I too love to travel and at last count I think I had been to 25 or 30 countries. I have my favourites starting with Hungary. I have tried to understand why I enjoy Hungary so much and I just can't...but nonetheless of all the places I have visited I would have to say it is the one to which I most enjoy returning. I like France a lot too!

Like Don and Linda I left my 'home and native land'. I left Nova Scotia, Canada in 1992 to live for several years in (Czecho)Slovakia, South Korea and now I am in Philadelphia. Unfortunately my wife lives in Toronto; leading to a lot of commuting. This is still better than most of the past year when my wife was living in London and I was doing that commute. Whew!

In addition to the places listed above I have lived for a time in Kangirsuk (on Ungava Bay in Canada's arctic); Cardston, Alberta; Toronto; New Jersey and Alabama.

My last trip was two weeks ago back to Nova Scotia where I attended a bit of a family reunion and had a fabulous time. My last international trip...oops...cross ocean trip (Canada is international) was in April. My wife and I took my Mother to London and Paris, a trip she had always wanted to make but had never had the chance. Then we went on to spend Passover/Easter with my wife's family in Israel. It was a great trip but I used all my vacation time in April and now it's killing me!

Since we are talking about how we met our spouses. I met Adva in a jazz club in Slovakia. A friend of mine was singing with the band and, fortunately, I walked in right between songs and he said 'Hello Jude' over the microphone. As 'Jude' is somewhat of an unusual name Adva looked to see who I was. I later learned we have a friend in common who had mentioned my name before. We knew it was a match when our first date included traveling to west Slovakia to explore castles. A hobby I greatly enjoy but do not get to indulge much living in Pennsylvania.

Since then we have travelled mainly in Europe and North America but we are planning a trip in 2001 to South Africa. Keep your fingers crossed that it works out.

Good travels, Jude