Subject: Getting to know you...
I have lived a multitude of places, but have been here in Indianapolis for the past 12 years, so I'm feeling pretty firmly planted. As a child, my family moved around a lot: From Chicago to Grand Rapids, Michigan to Miami, Florida to Indianapolis, Indiana to Cedar Falls, Iowa and then to Corsicana, Texas (a town settled by Corsicans?) for a very brief period of residence. I then had another brief stint living in S. Florida and then moved to Valparaiso, Indiana for a couple of years and commuted to work in Chicago. So, obviously, I made it back to Indy somehow and put down some roots. I really like it here, I live close to downtown in a historic district, and I'm enjoying watching the city go through many positive changes.

Last May I met my future husband in the wine section of the grocery store. I must have been staring pretty blankly at all of those wine bottles, because he asked me if I needed any help with my selection. Then, just as I was bristling at the audacity of a stranger approaching me at the grocery store, he explained that he is a wine judge (so, hopefully he knows about these things). Well . . . to make a long story short, we pretty much started spending all of our spare time together and got engaged just shy of three months later. Pretty cool, eh? We're getting married on St. Patrick's Day, but no, we won't be serving green wine! Anyway, those are the gory details. :-)))

Have a happy day!

Laura in Indy