Subject: Back after 4 months
Hi, everyone -

I turned off my travelzine mail 4 months ago, and only turned it back on yesterday (I was away for 2 months and since my return I've been busy with assignments and studying for an exam).

During the 2 months I was away, I spent 4 weeks travelling with my husband through western Canada (he had to go on business), from Winnipeg to Victoria, with a stopover in Chicago on the way to Winnipeg, and a few days in Seattle at the end. Then shortly after we returned home, I went to England, Munich and Italy for 3 1/2 weeks. The reason for this trip was because I had to go to summer school in England for 3 days for the course I'm currently studying (I'm studying with a British university through distance-learning.) Since I had to go all the way over to England, I also went down to Munich and Italy to see my friends.

After my exam (Oct. 20), I'm going home to Montreal to visit my family and to Ottawa to visit my husband's parents. Linda Freedman told me about the gtg in Toronto on Oct. 29, so I'm thinking about making a special trip to Toronto for the gtg.

Although I won't be active on Travelzine much because of my upcoming exam, i's nice to be back after being off for so long!

P.S. We stayed in some really great B&Bs in western Canada. I'll put them in the database when I get a chance. Laurie in Mexico City (formerly from Rome)