Subject: Turkey Trip
Hi Yasue, We have used Overseas Adventure Travel and we like them a lot. They use good hotels, tops 16 pasengers, food is excellent, and you can elect to take the day trips with the group or not. We did Turkey's Magical Hideaways with them and it was surely not the traditional bus tour. You can view the info on We loved the Tukish gulet part of the tour as well. Bus travel is the norm in Turkey for independent travel if you want to get away, but as places are far apart, we just did some of the immediate places at the spot where we were.

I have seen those big Pacha tour busses in Istanbul, and the brochures have a lot of info in them, but we do not take large tours. The price you quoted seems a very low price. The first time we went to Turkey we went on a cheap: tour and I can truly say that the food was not at all interesting, to put it mildly, and there is so much absolutely grand food in Turkey that we dearly love.

Gretchen, SC