Subject: Re: Restaurants in Boston
Olives is in Charleston, not Cambridge -- The owners have a few other creations, not so crowded or noisy -- Figs -- one in Brookline and one in Wellesley.

As for restaurants -- if you like upscale and don't mind expensive, try Hamersley's in the south end. Also, Truc -- smaller, more intimate and great food. (One of Food and Wine's 10 best young chefs - this year)

Our favorite is Salts in Cambridge -- small - wonderful food and great owners. (One of F&W's 10 best young chefs last year and still fabulous!!!) Also in Cambridge, The Harvest (Harvard Square

For dressy and special, and very expensive, try Aujourd' hui, in the Four Seasons Hotel across from the Commons in Boston proper. (make a reservation if you can with a window table.) they have a more informal restaurant -- for lunch, dessert or drinks called the Bristol room -- also great food - informal and wonderful wines by the glass.

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I'd be happy to help further if you need more info,

Susie, Newton, MA