Subject: Re: Pants
I was really lucky this summer because a store in the mall was having a wonderful sale on really light-weight, quick-dry, no-need-to-iron-'cause-the-wrinkles-disappear-when-you-wear-'em pants and shorts.

The store was Lerner NY...the pants were basically a a cotton (75%)/nylon (25%) blend. They dried super-fast, went with everything, were comfortable even in warm weather. The only thing you don't want to do to them is IRON. The iron, if it's just a slight bit too hot will burn right through them.

The shorts are similar material -- different styles and colors.

The great thing -- other than lightweight feel and quick drying -- was that they folded up so slimly when I packed my backpack. Since wrinkles came out on their own after a little while of wearing them, I could just throw them in later if I needed to. I don't know if you can find them still in the store, or if they've gone out of season (I got mine this summer).

They seem to be pretty chic for the young crowd, so other stores may carry them as well. Guarantee you they are cheaper than anything you'll find in Magellen or Travelsmith!

Now, I must get back to studying for my three exams tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Mandy Huffman