Subject: Re: Pants
Another interesting question: So much depends on how one travels, but I have a pair of unlined plain black, nylon, no-brand warm ups (kind of a joke, since there's no flannel lining) that roll up to about the size of a fat cigar. They can be carried in a backpack and put on over shorts for unexpected cooler weather, don't wrinkle, don't need ironing, dry in about 1/2 hr. even in damp, cold weather, don't look American or really anything, don't look bad or good, aren't waterproof, but better than jeans in rain (could be sprayed w/waterproofer,) can be worn as p.j. bottoms if you're staying in an unheated room....what else can I say? They were hand-me-downs from my fashion-conscious daughter when she become high school age, cost about $10 at someplace like K-Mart, and will probably never wear out. Sort of an accidental discovery. I take them on every trip, don't wear them everyday, of course, but they have saved me many times.