Subject: Re: Pants
Hi, Natalie, My travel wardrobe is built around the color navy. I detest wearing jeans, especially in foreign countries. I have invested in a pair of microfiber slacks but not from Travelsmith or Magellan. I also have navy nylon cargo pants made by ExOfficio that I use when I travel. There is an outlet called Sierra Trading Post located in Cheyenne, and Cody, WY (also one in Nevada now). They have a great web site where all their bargains are located. They have lots of outdoors type clothing as well as travel clothing and shoes, hiking boots, etc. Their phone staff is fantastic and they have a great return policy. I have no financial interest in this place but have bought practically all my travel clothing, hiking boots, snowshoes, etc. from them over the past several years.

I hope that Linda does not feel I am out of line in recommending this web site or a visit to their stores if you happen to be in the appropriate state. Everything I have purchased through them for myself or my husband has been half price or less.

Maybe you will find that they meet your needs as well.

Ruth Marie Colorado