Subject: Tour of underground Rome wanted
Apologies if this shows up more than once. I sent it more than an hour ago and it hasn't shown up.

Still looking for an archaeologically focused tour of areas of underground Rome you can't normally get to.

I've found a couple of web site that mention some tour agencies, but don't know anything about them.

One is:

This is a tour of the Auditorium di Mecanate:

Of course, I think I can see that for myself. But the name of the tour company is close to one I've read about doing underground tours, Itinera.

And this is a list I found:

It mentions Itinera and Palladio as separate companies, giving a phone number for Itinera Flavio said was incorrect.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it (of course it will probably turn out to be more than we can afford!).

Thanks again.