Subject: Re: London at Chirstmas
Wow Donna, That good hotel thing leaves a wide range! Price? Neighborhood? Anything?

I have not spent Christmas in London, but a friend did and she was a bit disappointed. It seems that things close early on Christmas Eve; everything is closed on Christmas Day; and, the 26th of December is also a holiday. I might get this wrong, but I think it is Boxing Day. (?)

So my friend said that the city was very very quiet, and a hotel room was only entertaining for so long. I guess I would choose a hotel with a decent restaurant, since others may be closed.

If it were me, I would have gone to the movies. The English cinema is my very favorite, and I think the movie theaters stay open on holidays. It would be a good thing to check out.

And I'll bet the churches have special services planned.

Send us some of your hotel criteria, and I'll bet you get some good suggestions. Debbie

astrongs wrote:

> Is it too late to plan a Christmas in London? Can anyone suggest a good hotel we could try?