Subject: Re: Boston Restaurants
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<< BEST restaurants: (reviews in my opinion only)

Rialto ---------- very spotty - went twice - food awful both times. Radius -- never been there but service is supposed to be terrible (at those prices there are too many other good ones -- food is excellent L'espalier -- excellent - VERY formal - good for romantic anniversaries!! Blue Ginger -- excellent - hard to get a reservation -- very fusion -- in Wellesley (about 1/2 hour or less from downtown Boston) -- not stuffy - but if you go, make a reservation for the front room -- back room is dreary! Clio >>-- haven't been - but supposed to be very good - small portions -- if that bothers you

None of these are trendy if that's what you're looking for. Radius and Clio have supposedly the best food of this bunch -- but portions are small (and young people eat a lot... soooo... ) Clio is a beautiful restaurant. Hope this helps. I'd opt for one of the south end joints where young people congregate and have fun -- The Claremont Cafe is another fabulous place in the south end as is 978 Tremont (both of these are less formal and fun with good, easy-to-eat food) They all will be noisy on Sat. nights.

There are so many other good ones -- I wish I could zero in on exactly what you're looking for.

Hope this helps -- Have fun and I hope your daughter has a wonderful 21st birthday!!! Regards, Susie