Subject: Re: No credit cards
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>Hotels that don't take credit cards: Use them? Don't ? Why ?

>Debbie in Pittsburgh Hi

getting a little late on the subject, but I just wished to comment on it. Many hotels in Northern Italy (Alps) and Southern Austria (Alps on the other side) don't usually accept credit cards; some of those hotels are 3 or 4 stars too. I guess it's because the owners, usually a family, don't want to give away commissions to credit card companies. This is of course a nuisance, if you're (like me) travelling with 4 persons and you're going to stay for a week, paying over usd 1000 in cash. If you want to stay there for a long time, there are some solutions: a) paying by a bank cheque b)paying in advance by bank draft or money order. If you need just a couple nights, you can withdraw the money at ATM or bank using your own credit or ATM card, as they now seems to work everywhere.